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Rebuilding Respectful Relationships in the Digital Realm

Our reliance on digital technologies has never been greater. At the same time, the relationships we have with digital products and services are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional while our legal protections lag behind and put us at risk. Find out what policymakers should do in order to address these vulnerabilities and help us rebuild respectful digital relationships.

Me2B Research: Consumer Views on Respectful Technology

What do healthy digital relationships look like? In the first in a series of webinars on Consumer Views on Respectful Technology, Noreen Whysel will present findings from interviews with digital technology consumers. View Webinar

What we talk about when we talk about Me2B Relationships

The internet has changed everything about relationships between customers and businesses. Read More

Me2B 101: An Ethical Foundation for Respectful Technology

Join us to learn the essentials about the Me2B paradigm shift which will shape tomorrow’s technology marketplace. View Webinar