How to know if your social media app is dissing you.
How to know if your bank is being piggy with your data.
How to know which sites are playing games with your kids' minds.
How to know if your medical app is hurting your family.
How to know if a shopping site is selling you out.

Technology behaves in ways that affect your privacy, security and personal rights.

That’s why you need to know who we are. And what we’re doing about it.

The Me2B Alliance is a nonprofit standards organization fostering the respectful treatment of people by technology. Everyday people and businesses alike join the Alliance in order to make the digital world fairer.

The Me2B Alliance performs independent testing of websites, apps and online devices according to how they behave toward people. We award Me2B Certification to products and services that meet our rigorous standards.

Respectful technology needs you. A new type of standards organization focused on human rights and consumer rights for the digital world, the Me2B Alliance welcomes both individuals (Me-s) and businesses (B-s) alike, to join the respectful technology movement.

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