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The Alliance’s human-focused testing leads technology in a new direction.

Me-s and B-s work together. The Me2B Alliance is a standards development organization engaging both individuals (Me-s) and technology provider businesses (B-s) in the process of testing online products’ behavior.

The Me2BA is different from traditional SDOs in three key ways:

  1. Hybrid Stakeholders by Design
    In traditional SDOs, everyday people–and consumers of technology–have little involvement (or even awareness); the work is performed by industry and technology experts. The Me2B Alliance was designed to bring everyday people into the process of creating the certification criteria, to ensure the certification mark reflects the needs and rights of people.
  2. Multi-disciplinary by Design
    The kind of certification we envision extends beyond technology bits and bytes and into Law, Ethics, Privacy, Usability Design and Security. The Me2B Alliance Certification is holistic and most importantly, addresses the behavior of technology.
  3. Results-oriented by Design
    We have no time to lose, and it’s an enormous job. Privacy experts from all domains have been working on solutions for over 15 years. It’s time to effect the change in technology that we want and deserve.

Allied for the public good.

Organization Chart

The Me2BA has 4 working groups

Respectful Tech Specification WG
This group is developing the certification criteria and independent testing process.

Policy and Legal WG
This is the Policy and Legal Working Group, working on usable legal forms.

Services for Me-s WG
This group represents and supports Me-s by identifying educational priorities for people, and developing educational materials such as the Harms Dictionary.

Services for B-s WG
This group is the “yang” to the “yin” of the Services for Me-s group; it represents and supports B-s through identification and development of educational priorities.

Working Group Chairs


Lisa LeVasseur

Co-chair, Respectful Tech Specification WG

An MBA technologist with a background in Computer Science and Philosophy, Lisa began strategic work in cellular telecom industry standards in the late ‘90s while at Motorola. Since then, she has participated in 3GPP, 3GPP2, MEIF, WAP Forum, IETF, W3C, IEEE and Kantara Initiative.

Why Me2BA? “Because the world needs a way to measure the ethical behavior of technology, to ensure the well-being of people, societies and the planet.”

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Richard Whitt

Chair, Policy and Legal WG

A technologist, policy attorney, and business creator, Richard previously spent over eleven years with Google, most recently as corporate director for strategic initiatives. As president of the GLIA Foundation, Richard launched the GLIAnet project, a proposed new Web ecosystem based on trustworthy digital fiduciaries and edgetech tools such as Personal AIs. Richard has also cofounded GLIAnet PRIMER, where he advises tech startups and other stakeholders on developing more ethical practices and governance.

Why Me2BA? “The Alliance provides a real platform for those who want to push back against the prevailing extractive paradigm of the Web. My role is to convey its perspective on the most important legal and public policy issues of the day.”


Zach Edwards portrait

Zach Edwards

Data Integrity Testing

A data supply researcher, auditor and entrepreneur with over 14 years’ experience in digital systems optimization, Zach has led audits for several GDPR complaints. His research into data breaches has been featured in the New York Times, Financial Times, Forbes, The Register, and numerous industry publications. Zach founded the boutique analytics agency Victory Medium and leads the Me2B Alliance Data Integrity Audits.

Why Me2BA? “If we are going to improve digital systems and reduce harm across the global data supply chains, we must be advocating for the people who have new privacy rights on the internet; while collaborating with businesses and organizations who need to deploy those changes to reduce harm. The Me2B Alliance is a rare effort that understands the balance between people and organizations who collect their data.”


Noreen Whysel

Product Integrity Testing, Validation Testing and Research

Noreen Whysel is a NYC-based researcher, advisor and teacher with 30 years research and design experience. She is COO of Decision Fish, a decision consulting firm, and teaches UX and UI Design at CUNY’s New York City College of Technology. She is a well-known mentor in the international UX and cyber-security communities. At the Me2B Alliance, Noreen leads product integrity testing and is developing a framework for identifying and remedying dark patterns and other user experience problems.

Why Me2BA? “As a user experience professional and educator, I sit on the front lines, championing the Me – the user – and their interests in any interaction with digital technology. Me2B Alliance speaks to that care and stewardship of the Me-s, and I’m proud to be a part of this effort.”


Michele Silverthorn

Director of Business Operations

A former Peace Corps Volunteer in El Salvador, Michele has spent the last sixteen years in nonprofit management, philanthropy and grant making, and community development with organizations focused on marginalized communities. She most recently led San Diego and Imperial counties to the best US Census response rates in 20 years through a $3.5 million outreach and education campaign to ensure our hardest to reach communities were counted in the decennial 2020 census.

Why Me2BA? “As a Me with limited tech background I have less understanding of what cookies and service agreements ultimately mean – what is happening to my data? In my Me2Be role, I have the opportunity to balance my skills and career focus of equitable access to resources to support the growth of Me2B and ensure respectful technology for all.”


Iain Henderson

Co-Chair Services for B-s WG

Iain is a veteran CRM practitioner and advocate of personal data empowerment for individuals; he is Co-chair of the B’s Working Group.

Why Me2BA? “I care about the Me2B movement because it is the logical evolution of a current set of business practices that are not working well for any party other than the data brokers. We are barely at the start of a ‘digital transformation for humans’; it’s going to be an exciting journey.”


Noreen Whysel

Product Integrity Testing, Validation Testing and Research


Guy Gabriele

Chief Marketing Officer

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