The way in which people (Me-s) experience our connection to products and service providers (B-s)—in both the physical and digital worlds—are Me2B Relationships. These relationships begin where technology and humanity meet.



Just like a good relationship between people, the Me2B Relationship is based on respect. The Alliance is working to build respectful behavior into the technology we use every day. Our efforts bring into balance the rights and responsibilities of people and technology.

How Me2B Relationships Work

All relationships are created through the simple act of interacting, or sharing. In Me2B Relationships, sharing takes the form of a Me2B Deal—an exchange of mutually agreed upon value. In other words, there exists a quid pro quo (“this for that”) agreement that defines and bounds the scope of sharing. For example, when you go to a restaurant you pay $20 and you get a meal. You choose to give the agreed amount ($20) in exchange for the agreed upon meal.

In a Me2B relationship, the individual decides what to share, what to keep private, when to start the relationship with a vendor, and when to end it. In other words, in regards to Me2B relationships, the individual has agency and is in the driver’s seat. Back to the earlier example, you have agency from the moment you first walk into the restaurant till you leave for the last time—from your first meal to your last. That’s known as the entire lifecycle of a Me2B relationship.


Me2B Ethos

Healthy Me2B Relationships are better for Me-s and B-s.

The Me2B Rules of Engagement

When technology follows these rules for respectful relationships with people, then everyone benefits.

  • Freedom | We agree not to coerce or manipulate each other.
  • Respect of Boundaries | We agree to respect each other’s personal boundaries.
  • Respectful Defaults | In the absence of stated preferences, we default to the most conservative behavior.
  • Fairness & Non-exploitation | We agree to treat each other fairly and not exploit things that are shared.
  • Good Communication | We agree to be forthright, honest and clear in our communication.
  • Non-Harming | We agree not to willfully harm one another.
  • Problem Solving | We agree to respectful, collaborative and fair problem solving methods.

Me2B Manifesto

  • I’m in charge | I’m in charge of my Me2B Relationship with product and service providers. I’m in charge of all information about me.
  • We play nice | We agree to play nice, according to the Rules of Engagement. Doing so is a win/win—it builds trust and deepens the value of our Me2B Relationship.
  • We assert our rights | No using collecting, storing, sharing, computing or deriving information about me without a Me2B Relationship.

More about Asserting Rights

What about businesses that possess information about me but no Me2B Relationship?

Just like in interpersonal relationships, it’s not cool for you to have information about me that you didn’t receive from me. According to Me2B ethos, I have a right to know what information a business has about me.

Part of asserting our Me2B rights is requesting a business play nice with us when it already possesses our personal information. If you [a business] have purchased or obtained information about me, and we are not in Me2B Relationship, you have a duty to proactively establish a Me2B Relationship with me.

Here’s what that might look like:

  • Disclose to me what information you have, how you use it, with whom you intend to sell or share it, where you got it, etc.
  • AND allow me the following options [at no cost to me]:
    • to have some or all data about me removed
    • to correct some or all data about me

Me2B Behind the Screen

Take a look behind the screen, where layered relationships between people and technology determine our place in the digital world.

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