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Me2B Safe Specification

As a first step to ensure consumer safety in all connected products, the Me2B Alliance has developed an open safety standard for mobile apps and websites.

Recommendation: Attributes of Safe & Respectful Me2B Commitments

This formal recommendation describes the minimum requirements for all Me2B Commitments, as further elaborated upon in the forthcoming Me2B Safe Specifications for Respectful Technology.


Digital Harms Dictionary 2.0

A deep dive into online harms and what you can do about them.



Learn about key Me2B terms with our handy glossary.


Spotlight Report #5: Me2B Alliance Validation Testing Report: Consumer Perception of Legal Policies in Digital Technology

Our relationship with technology involves legal agreements that we either review or enter into when using a technology, namely privacy policies and terms of service or terms of use. We initiated this research to understand if providing a formal rating of these legal policies would be valuable to consumers, whether people knew who these policies protected (if anyone), and if the policies were perceived to be contracts with the provider of the digital technology.

Spotlight Report #4: Me2B Alliance Product Testing Report – Deeper Look at K-12 School Utility Apps Uncovers Global Advertising Company From CBS/Viacom, Unexpected Security Risks

Common technical frameworks and app templates used by hundreds of organizations, when combined with technical weaknesses built into devices and operating systems from Google and Apple, are leading to unregulated and out of control student and parent data sharing to unexpected online advertising companies.

Spotlight Report #3: Me2B Alliance Validation Research: Consumer Sensitivity to Location Tracking by Websites and Mobile Apps

This research was conducted to validate the Location Commitment scoring criteria in the Me2B Alliance Respectful Technology Specification. The objective of the study was to understand if the requirements and passing criteria of select location tests in the Me2BA Respectful Technology Specification are appropriate.

Spotlight Report #2: Rebuilding Respectful Relationships in the Digital Realm

Our prevailing legal paradigm for digital interactions stems from an overly simplistic and antiquated view of the digital universe without considering the impact of an increasingly complex digital realm. This piece explores how we might more equitably rebuild these relationships.

Spotlight Report #1: Me2BA Product Testing Report – School Mobile Apps Student Data Sharing Behavior

The Me2B Alliance Product Testing team audited a random sample of 73 apps from 38 schools in 14 states across the U.S., covering over half a million people (students, their families, educators, etc.). The audit methodology mainly consisted of examining data flow from the apps to external third-party vendors by examining SDKs included in the apps.

Customer—Supplier Engagement Framework Explained

The Evolving Dance Between Customers and Suppliers


Rebuilding Respectful Relationships in the Digital Realm

Our reliance on digital technologies has never been greater. At the same time, the relationships we have with digital products and services are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional while our legal protections lag behind and put us at risk. Find out what policymakers should do in order to address these vulnerabilities and help us rebuild respectful digital relationships.

Note: This video is only available to Me2B Alliance members.

Me2B Research: Consumer Views on Respectful Technology

What do healthy digital relationships look like? In the first in a series of webinars on Consumer Views on Respectful Technology, Noreen Whysel will present findings from interviews with digital technology consumers. View Webinar

Me2B 101: An Ethical Foundation for Respectful Technology

Join us to learn the essentials about the Me2B paradigm shift which will shape tomorrow’s technology marketplace. View Webinar

Notification & Consent Through a Me2B Lens: Improving Data Privacy with a Mutual Agency Approach

The current global wave of privacy regulations is affecting the lives of many millions of online individuals, as well as the daily practices of cybersecurity and privacy professionals. View Webinar

CCPA Through a Me2B Lens

The CCPA – which takes effect on January 1, 2020 – is the first comprehensive consumer privacy law enacted in the United States. It creates new obligations for businesses and new rights for consumers. View Webinar


Me2B Alliance Intro Deck

Overview of the Me2B Alliance

Identification Minimization and Other Principles of Respectful Technology

Internet Identity Workshop 2021

Surveillance Technology

Bloomberg & NYC Media Lab’s Machines + Media 2021

Measuring the Ethical Behavior of Technology

RSA Conference 2021

Responsible & Respectful AI

Women in AI WaiACCELERATE USA 2021

Shedding Light on Dark Patterns: A Case Study on Digital Harms

Information Architecture Conference 2021

Toward a Vocabulary to Describe Me2B Relationships in the Digital World

W3C Credentials Community Group

A Legal Framework for Private Agreements in Digital Relationships

IBO Summit 2020 – Building a Justice Layer for the Internet

Toward a More Ethical Digital World

How to Think and Talk About Life in the Digital World

Bi-monthly Meeting Presentations


Treatment of consumers by Internet-enabled businesses: Ethnographic pilot study (Abstract)

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Treatment of consumers by Internet-enabled businesses: Assurances calibration (Abstract)

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